How to Register Account on Kindle Fire Tablet?

For the uninterrupted and uncompromised reading experience, Amazon Kindle Fire is the best choice. Kindle Fire support amazing features and has a wide range of books available to download, buy, and read. For reading or buying ebooks, a user needs to register Kindle Fire first. Without registering the Kindle device, you can not use the Kindle services.  The information mentioned below is applicable for the following Amazon Kindle Fire devices. 

  • Kindle Fire ( 7 Inch Touch Screen). 
  • Kindle Fire HD 8( 8 Inch Touch Screen). 
  • Kindle Fire HD 10 ( 10.1 Inch Touch Screen). 

Here, it is important to consider the registration of Kindle Fire Generation 5/Fire OS 5 tablet is like signing in to the device using the Amazon account login credentials.  As long as the customer purchased the audible audiobook with their Amazon account, they can see the audiobooks on the Kindle Fire tables available for download. 

Important - If you want to sign in to the audible account using the username and password as opposed to the Amazon account, you are supposed to merge to check the audiobooks on Kindle. 

 To Register Kindle Fire Generation 8/Fire OS 5 tablet: 

  • Swipe down to the tip of the screen, access the Quick Settings. 
  • Click on the ‘Settings’ icon. 
  • Click on ‘My Account’. 
  • Tap to Register. 

Tip: If you want to return to the regular keyboard, you can click on the ‘ABC’ key. Tap the ‘Shift’ key if you want to use Uppercase letters. Tap on the box present next to the  ‘Hide password’ for displaying the password when you type. 

  • Once the process is completed, click to register again.  You will be able to see your name as the registered user. 

 That’s All, This is how you can Register Kindle Fire account. If you are unable to do it, you can also seek expert assistance to troubleshoot the problem and find the right solution.